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Neptunes at Provincials

Posted by Haney Neptunes Aquatics Club at Aug 28, 2019 7:02PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Haney Neptunes break decades-old club records at the provincial swim meet
The Maple Ridge swim club returns home with several medals


The Haney Neptune Swim Club has returned from provincials with several athletes placing on the podium and some even breaking decades-old club records.

“[We] took about 30 swimmers to provincials in Kamloops,” said Lilian Longmuir, club representative.

“I think they all did amazing because just qualifying to go to provincials is huge because only the top three in each division get to qualify and that’s really hard.”

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Julia Longmuir, a girls division two competitor, won silver and broke a club record that dated back to 1991 when she swam the 50-metre butterfly in 37.29 seconds.

Vincent Longmuir competed in the boys’ division three event, won a bronze medal and also broke a club record dating back to 1994 after clocking one minute and six seconds during the 100-metre freestyle.

Joel Blanco won a gold, silver and bronze medal in the division six boys 50-metre freestyle, 100- metre freestyle and 50-metre butterfly, respectively.

The club’s relay teams didn’t disappoint either.

Jada Hesterman won a bronze medal in the division two girls regional relay. Gracie Chamberlain, Robyn Schneider, Haley Snaith and Julia Longmuir won a bronze medal in the girls’ division three 50-metre freestyle relay.

Christopher Anderson, Keenan Gander, Josiah Hesterman, and Vincent Longmuir won a bronze medal in the boys’ division four freestyle relay.

Jordan Longmuir won a bronze medal in the boys’ division five regional relay team.

Stephanie Schneider, Jordan Patrick, Charlie Caranoo and Mina Edwards won bronze in the girls “O” CAT 2.

Club records were also broken by Charlie Caranoo, Christopher Anderson and Joel Blanco.

The province-wide competition was hosted by the BC Summer Swimming Association and ran from Aug. 12 to 18. Next year’s competition will be held at the University of British Columbia.

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Fraser Valley Bylaws

Posted by Fraser Valley Region at Aug 28, 2019 2:56PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Our new Bylaws are now posted in the document section

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Fraser Valley regional pictures

Posted by Fraser Valley Region at Aug 11, 2019 10:10AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Hello here is the link for photo’s from Heather Anderson from this years regionals.

Hey All,
Here is the link for Heather Andersons photo’s from the regional meet.

Twas The Night Before Regionals (Neptunes Edition)

Twas the Night before Regionals,
And all through the house
Not an athlete was stirring
Only Mom and her spouse

The Neptunes were snuggled all cozy in beds
With visions of PB’s abound in their heads
Swim bags were packed, at the front door they sat
And parents preparing with lists and a chat

Tents-towels-and chairs, snacks-drinks were checked off
With this sport and these meets comes far too much stuff!
But bonding and friendships are worth it in GOLD
Young and old these events build lifelong stories to be told

In Abby we gather for 3 days on grass
Create a portable city, to chill and let pass
The hours, they tick and tock slow between cheers
To remedy that I say “be a timing volunteer”!!!
So fulfilling, so rewarding to sit in that chair
If it’s hot you keep shaded with food and water to spare
Front row seat to the comp, watch your kids in the pool
Swim faster, reach higher, now isn’t that cool

With provincials the next step, the tension is high
Our coaches are frantic, I ain’t gonna lie
So respect their space and time, the kids are main focus
Talk to them at the end of the day with any hocus pocus

Our Team is amazing, the camaraderie is strong
Just watch in the morning as they start with a (cheer) song
It kicks the day off with some friendly team comp
Cause the rest of the day in the pool, time to stomp
But wait when they jump out, the inter-club bonds are great
In other sports they would likely find this hard to relate

Event after event, for 3 days they roll
What seems pretty relaxing, for sure takes a toll
So get pumped, get stoked, get ready for this
Not a lap or a stroke will you want to miss
Cheer on yours, cheer on theirs when you can we’re a team
For the meets we’re a family, it appears, it would seem.
Build memories, build friendships, life’s lessons it brings
Among smiles, and cheers, among many other things!

Thanks to Dave Chamberlain for this incredible poem!